Paramedics had to smash a window to help wake up an unconscious drink driver whose car was found in the middle of a busy Powys trunk road.

Samuel Evans was almost three times the drink driving limit when he was found slumped in his Volkswagen Golf on the A483 near The Horseshoes Inn after returning home from a night out celebrating a football win with friends in Newtown.

The Welshpool man was handed a 12-month community order and banned from driving for the second time since 2021 after he pleaded guilty to drink driving when he appeared in court on Tuesday, December 12.

Chair of the magistrates' bench Anthony Jackson said: "You’re lucky to be alive parked in the middle of the road asleep. It was not only a danger to you but to innocent people going on their daily lives."

Welshpool Magistrates' Court heard that the ambulance service called police for assistance at around 2.50am on Sunday, November 26, after paramedics smashed the driver's side window to wake up "highly intoxicated" Evans who later struggled to stand, slurred his words and smelt strongly of alcohol.

Prosecutor Rhian Jackson said: "The vehicle was seen crossing both sides of the road where there is a 60mph speed limit. It is only by chance that an HGV had not collided with the Polo."


Evans was arrested and taken back to Newtown for another breath test at the police station which revealed that he had 98 microgrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath. The legal limit is 35mcgs.

Evans admitted driving to Newtown for drinks with friends. He had arranged to stay overnight with a friend who didn't answer his calls at 1am. He tried to contact other friends but also got no answer.

He was told by a taxi firm that he would be able to get lift at 5am. Evans eventually went back to his car and sat for 10 to 15 minutes to warm up before talking himself into driving home even though he knew he had drunk too much.

Ms Jackson added: "He said he’d fallen asleep and the heating in the car was on. The defendant said he only remembers the window being smashed by paramedics."

Probation officer Teri Dunham told the court that the construction worker said it was "stupid" and he found it "hard to understand" why he drove home after drinking in Newtown. She added that it appears there was a pattern emerging with drink driving following a similar offence in 2021 where he was banned for 20 months.

Robert Hanratty, representing Evans, said: "Sam will strike you as a fit and healthy man that wouldn’t get himself in this situation. It's occasional bingeing issues with this man.

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"It was an extremely rash decision to make. He deluded himself and convinced himself to drive.

"He would be very grateful to receive a community order for this offence. There are a few other hurdles before the DVLA will allow him to drive again."

Repeat offender Evans, of Erw Wen, Welshpool, was disqualified from driving for three years. As a high-risk offender, he must send the DVLA results of a medical test that he will have to pay for before he can be considered to drive again.

Chair of the magistrates' bench Anthony Jackson said: “You’re very young, you’re only 24 years old. Maybe you’ll learn more maturity about your actions. This is the second time in 10 years. You’re lucky to be alive parked in the middle of the road asleep. It was not only a danger to you but to innocent people going on their daily lives. So, think on.”

Evans was also ordered to pay a £460 fine, £114 victim surcharge and £85 prosecution costs.