A Newtown dad who avoided being sent to prison earlier this year for attacking a man and leaving him unconscious during a night out in Newtown has been given more time by a court to complete his suspended sentence order after he was injured in a car crash.

Owen Williams, aged 22, of Ffordd Croesawdy, was spared the one-year custodial term for two years in January after he admitted inflicting grievous bodily harm (GBH) on Thomas Jarman at the Steam Mill nightclub in May 2022 and actual bodily harm (ABH) against Christopher Clark four months later after a night out in Newtown.

Williams, who was described as someone with a "problematic relationship with alcohol", was back in court on Tuesday, November 21, but this time on crutches after suffering a "significant" injury to his hip and knee following a road collision in June this year.


Probation officer Julian Davies told Welshpool Magistrates' Court that the situation since the crash had become "unworkable" with Williams handing in sick notes for his unpaid work requirement.

The court heard that Williams has completed 98 hours out of his 200 unpaid work hours since the suspended sentence order started and he had completed wearing an alcohol monitoring tag for 120 days "with no issues".

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Mr Davies said: "Mr Williams is happy to complete the unpaid work hours, he just wants more time to complete them.

"Instead of removing the requirement, I ask you to extend it which is what he wants to do."

Chair of the magistrates' bench Cynthia McVey told the court that they were happy to grant the extension over the next year.