A Powys based charity that provides support to people suffering with dementia is at risk of closing due to budgetary demands.

At a meeting of Welshpool Town Council, held on Wednesday, November 22, councillors discussed issues surrounding the continuation of a local charity as a result of a “funding crisis”.

Dementia Matters in Powys, which currently holds its monthly meetings at 1st Clive's Own Welshpool Scout Headquarters & Community Centre, is reportedly at risk of closing unless a boost in support can be found.

Cllr Richard Church explained: “Dementia Matters in Powys had previously received a grant from the Welsh Government to help with their operations. Unfortunately that grant was time limited over a three year period and has come to an end.


“That issue of losing funding has arisen elsewhere with other organisations across Powys so I think we should do what we can to show support, especially for a group such as this given that they fill a very important service.”

Welshpool councillors discussed potential ways forward that would prevent the charity having to shut its doors as early as Christmas.

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Cllr Sally Fitzgerald suggested connecting the charity with the Welshpool Community Haven, who have restarted Day Centre services from the Ann Holloway Centre.

The town council unanimously supported this decision, as well as a motion to draft a letter to confirm when the two organisations have officially partnered to provide assurance that Dementia Matters in Powys is receiving much needed support.

Earlier this year Dementia Matters told the County Times that it had been seeking funding from the Powys Regional Partnership Board.

“Powys has almost double the number of people living with a diagnosis of dementia than any other Welsh county," said Deborah Gerrard, Dementia Matters' chief officer in Powys.

“Meeting Centres save the Health Boards and local authorities money by reducing hospitalisation, GP visits, helps to keep people living independently for longer saving care fees/adult services funds.”