It’s high time the Welsh Government and the Environment Agency take a long, hard look at themselves and the impact their disastrous policies have on us all.

In a debate in Cardiff at the Welsh Parliament (The Senedd) about the Welsh Government TB eradication programme going forward, the AM for Mid and West Wales, Joyce Watson, suggested farmers with perpetual TB infection status should get out of farming and find another business. How dare she? 

What is this woman paid for and what knowledge does she bring to her job, if she can utter garbage like that? It is their disastrous policy and inaction, that has led to the situation here in Wales and, now spreading to clean areas in North Wales.


I will state the facts and the home truths. In areas of England where badger culling has taken place the number of cattle culled has dropped by 20% year on year.

In the last seven years, I bred pedigree Blue cattle for charity with a high tensile boundary badger-proof fence around the field. They were tested eight times plus all the pre-movement tests. Always clear. I am surrounded by three dairy farms that have all tested positive, all closed herds, and those farmers are all at the top of their game. It does not take a genius to work it out!

After the fiasco of the 20 mph limits, Drakeford tells us the local councils have the power to change them back. Whilst I’m on the subject of waste, the latest of their proposals is the creation of another National Park in the Clwydian Range and Dee Valley and having engaged the bloated quango, Natural Resources Wales, to do a feasibility study.

It’s not just a badger cull we need but, a cull of AMs in Cardiff Bay, not the election of an extra 33.

Furthermore what about the money squandered by the Environment Agency?

Their policy over the last 40 years is total neglect. Our rivers are clogged with silt and overgrown trees, scrub and boulders.

They would rather spend millions taking land owners like John Price to court, he who had the balls to carry out their job for them, ending in a jail sentence and costs of £100,000.

More home truths and facts and, a rant from the old realist.
Emyr Wigley, Llansantffraid