A new Greggs outlet in Welshpool, at the petrol station on Cross Enterprise Park, is scheduled to open tomorrow.

The outlet is scheduled to open on November 23 at 9am, after a brief redevelopment period while the service station underwent a change in management.

After Powys retail chain Harry Tuffins announced it would exit Welshpool when the branch was acquired by a new owner, retailers such as Morrisons, Costa and Greggs moved into the space with new branches in the Welshpool area.

The closure was announced on Monday, October 23, as Tuffins posted to their Facebook page to state that its Welshpool shop, located beside McDonald's at the petrol station on Cross Enterprise Park, would be closing and changing ownership to Rontec UK.

Shortly after, Morrisons, Greggs and Costa confirmed that they would be moving into the space, with the service station briefly closing while building work commenced to accommodate the three chains.

Just one months after the announcement, Greggs will open at the new location on November 23.