A local MS has apologised in the Senedd for her previous comments about farms struggling with Bovine TB.

MS for Mid and West Wales, Joyce Watson apologised for "clumsy" comments she made about farms struggling with bovine tuberculosis in the Senedd last week.

Ms Watson previously said: " “We’re talking about a rethink, Minister. Have you looked at any farms that have perpetual TB status and have you considered the question of whether those particular farms should be dairy farms at all? Because if it is the case that they are in perpetual TB infection status, surely they need to find another business.”


This drew the ire of many farming groups including NFU Cymru who in a open letter criticised Ms Watson's "deplorable" comments adding  "your suggestion that these families, many of whom are suffering persistent bovine TB breakdowns despite adhering to strict veterinary and scientific advice, should just walk away and find another business is – frankly – shocking.”

However this week Ms Watson wished to correct the record and said: "During last week's statement on bovine tuberculosis, I attempted to explore issues around recurring breakdown. It's important that Members speak freely—truth through argument, and all that—but we must always do so responsibly.

"In this case, I was clumsy and I didn't express myself terribly well, and I'm sorry for any upset that was caused.

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"I should have been clearer that I was talking about farms that have been continuously impacted by TB and the ongoing pressures of the current system.

"I know that the cycle of having to test, to cull, then to start all over again causes huge stress.

"In those cases, I think there should be a conversation about how that situation can be resolved, or at least improved, and diversification should be part of that.

"So, I would appreciate an update on Welsh Government support for farmers looking for help to do that."