Dozens of new homes are set to be built in Llandrindod Wells after being granted permission by Powys County Council planners.

Sixty-nine new houses are set to be built in new estates in the fields north and south of Lakeside Avenue.

The plans which were put forward by developers PAR Homes will see up to 21 of the dwellings being made available as “affordable housing”.

The northern half of the new development will see seven three-bedroom detached bungalows, six three-bedroom detached houses, three four-bedroom detached houses, nine three-bedroom semi-detached houses, seven two-bedroom semi-detached houses, two three-bedroom terrace houses and one two-bedroom terrace house.


Whilst the southern section will see four three-bedroom detached bungalows, ten three-bedroom detached houses, three four-bedroom detached houses, four three-bedroom semi-detached bungalows, ten two-bedroom semi-detached houses and four one-bedroom flats.

The new properties will be laid out in cul de sacs “similar to the built development in the surrounding area”.

Each property will come with car parking accessed directly from the highway and a “generous sized" rear garden space.

Objections from some locals

The development was controversial with some local residents and received a number of objections.

These include from the town council who said they had issues about the volume of traffic from the new estates and the impact it may have on Lakeside Avenue including speed as well as concerns about an impact on the existing sewage network.

The plans were also criticised for having “few provisions made for green renewables” and a “lack of climate change mitigations”.

The town council also argued that there were “insufficient infrastructure within the town to service so many additional properties and residents.”

Powys County Council has approved the plans but have set a large number of conditions that the developers will have to follow which include access issues, environmental protections and floor space requirements for affordable housing.

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