AN elderly Powys man found guilty of attempted sexual assault on a female at his trial will face no punishment and he will not have to sign the sex offender’s register.

Edward Mills, 79, had denied sexually assaulting his female victim in Llanidloes in October 2022.

He was found guilty of attempted sexual assault at his trial in Welshpool this week, but was handed only a conditional discharge – where the court chooses not to impose punishment.

The bench at his trial on Monday, November 13, said they were departing from their sentencing guidelines due to the offence committed being a “split second incident”.


They said they felt the incident was not premediated, there was no physical contact and they also took into account Mills’ previous good character, his age and health.

Mills, of Long Bridge Street, Llanidloes, was charged with the offence following an incident at Long Bridge Street on October 10 last year. It was said he intentionally attempted to touch a female in a sexual manner, to which she would not have consented.

The trial had originally been set to take place in October but was vacated at a previous hearing.

Mills was handed a 12-month conditional discharge; this means he will face no punishment, provided he commits no further offences during the next 12 months.

If a further offence is committed he will be re-sentenced for the original offence as well as the new offence.

Magistrates said there would be no registration on the sex offenders register in light of the sentence imposed.

A restraining order will also not be imposed, as the court said: “In the last 14 months (there has been) no contact between you and we expect that to continue. (A restraining order is) not necessary and not proportionate.”

Mills was told to pay £300 costs and a surcharge of £26.