Hundreds of people have signed a petition aimed at saving an under-threat Powys School.

Pupils from Treowen School in Newtown, with help from their parents, were in Bears Lanes Shopping Centre at the weekend to try and get signatures to prevent the under threat primary school.

The proposed closure has received backlash from parents and pupils who have vowed to fight against the closure, which comes in the form of a planned merger with Ysgol Calon y Dderwen on an enlarged site.

County Times:

Local resident, Louise Swann, has started an online petition to save the school and said: “Our children will have to adjust to new environments which could potentially affect their academic performance and social development.

"Moreover, it would mean longer travel times for many students who currently walk to school.

“We understand that budget cuts may necessitate difficult decisions. However, we believe that closing schools should be the last resort after all other cost-saving measures have been explored.


“We urge local authorities in Newtown, Powys to reconsider this decision and explore alternative solutions that won't compromise our children's education or disrupt our close-knit community life in Treowen.”

The 106-pupil school could close completely by 2027 with pupils moved to a multi-million-pound replacement school for Ysgol Calon y Dderwen which will be part of the new wellbeing and health campus in Park Street.

County Times:

The current campaigns to keep the school open has gained support locally with over 250 people signing the online petition whilst nearly 400 people signed the petition in Bear Lanes with nearly 100 people signing in the first 45 minutes.

A council spokesman has previously said: "The plans being considered by the council are to increase the capacity of the proposed new school building at Ysgol Calon y Dderwen so that pupils from Treowen C.P. School can also be included.

"It is the intention that, from September 2025, pupils continue to attend the existing Treowen building until the new building at Ysgol Calon y Dderwen is ready.

"When the new building opens, the Treowen site closes and all pupils then move to the new school building for Ysgol Calon y Dderwen.”