ONE of the most iconic landmarks in a Powys town has partnered with a local junior girls football club

The Metropole Hotel is proudly sponsoring Llandrindod Wells Junior Girls Football Club.

The club has gone from strength since its founding by Julie Christopher in 2011 with a vision to provide young girls in the area with an opportunity to explore their love for the beautiful game.

It all began with her daughter, Katie, and two of her friends.

Little did they know that their modest beginnings would lead to the formation of a flourishing club that now boasts more than 100 enthusiastic and talented young girls.


Sister of Katie, Becky Christopher, also played for the team, then became a coach and is now instrumental in running the club.

The Metropole Hotel is thrilled to stand beside such a vibrant and forward-thinking initiative.

Its decision to sponsor the Llandrindod Wells Junior Girls Football Club underscores its commitment to nurturing local talent and fostering a spirit of unity within the community.

The hotel, with its rich history and deep roots in Llandrindod Wells, understands the importance of supporting local projects that bring people together and make a real difference.

County Times:

A hotel spokesperson said: "Sponsorships like this not only provide financial support but also help instil a sense of pride and belonging among the young girls of the football club.

"It allows them to dream big, to believe in themselves, and to strive for excellence.

"The Metropole Hotel's support contributes to the development of skills, camaraderie, and the values that are an integral part of sportsmanship."

In the ever-expanding world of girls' junior football, it's essential to provide support.

The Metropole's sponsorship ensures that the Llandrindod Wells Junior Girls Football Club can continue to grow, provide quality coaching, and maintain the facilities needed for the girls to flourish in their athletic endeavours.

Julie Christopher's vision and the dedication of the girls and their families have truly paid off, and now, with the support of the Metropole Hotel, the future looks even brighter.

A hotel spokesman added: "This partnership between The Metropole Hotel and the Llandrindod Wells Junior Girls Football Club is a testament to the power of community spirit and the positive impact that local businesses can have when they come together to support grassroots initiatives.

"It's a story of dedication, growth, and a shared commitment to nurturing the talents of the future. Together, they are helping these young girls aim for the stars and showing that the Llandrindod Wells community truly stands united in support of its youth and their dreams."