Further to the letter in your newspaper from reader Marie Sharp, I would like to also advise people living in remote areas who are currently unable to get broadband through the BT telephone line and who, like myself, have to have a satellite broadband system, about the very real risk of completely losing their phone service once BT cease their landline phone system and change over to Digital Voice.

I am currently trying to find out from BT as to how a phone service will be provided to people who cannot get broadband via the phone line, and am awaiting BT’s reply.


I confirm that any phone system which relies on an electricity supply would not work during a power cut, without battery back-up.

I urge that everyone who requires a working phone system, available at all times, not just when the electricity is working, and/or those who are unable to get broadband via the BT phone line, should contact their local MP and ask them to request assurance from BT that a full phone service will be available to everyone who needs one.

As with no working phone, people without a mobile phone or mobile signal at their home would be at serious risk in an emergency.
Miss Margaret Flanders
Address supplied