Welshpool Rugby Club is set to ignite a new chapter of rugby history as it plays host to the world’s first televised game of mixed-sex T1 Rugby as part of a TV programme next month.

The highly anticipated event on December 13, which will be covered by Whisper TV for S4c, will feature in a documentary hosted by Scott Quinell which is centring on the Powys club.

World Rugby has launched T1 Rugby, the world’s first non-contact sport that reflects the unique characteristics of rugby, to improve participation and engagement by making the sport more relevant and accessible to young people.

Welshpool will be representing Wales in the match against Oswestry, representing England, which will be the first ever screened on television.


Oswestry RFC chairman John Gibbs, said: “Obviously this kind of publicity for Oswestry Rugby Club is good for all members of society to get involved in the game of rugby and the involvement of all members of the community including handicapped persons.

“It is an opportunity to get rugby out there for all kinds of people and hopefully grow the sport at grass root levels.”

T1 Rugby has an emphasis on fun, fitness and inclusion and will provide a fun, welcoming, time efficient and safe environment for people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds, reflecting the international federation’s mission of a global sport for all.

Significantly, it is the first non-contact form of the game that reflects the characteristics of rugby, including lineouts, scrums, kicking and a breakdown, while remaining simple to play.

It contains many of the attacking and defending aspects of rugby, requiring players to make the same decisions.

In trials, players have been able to pick up the rules in less than 20 minutes.

The feedback from participants has highlighted the simplicity and reinforced the rugby feel of the game. 

Every player who has played it has indicated that they would play T1 Rugby regularly if made available.

T1 Rugby will be rolled out globally by national member unions and was previewed to the world’s media at the Rugby World Cup 2023 media match in Paris on 17 October. 

World Rugby Chief Executive Alan Gilpin said: "We are delighted to bring T1 Rugby to the global game as the first non-contact offering that truly reflects the unique characteristics of the sport.

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“With popularity and participation growing, particularly amongst young people and specifically girls, it is crucial that it will capitalise on the momentum by making the game we love accessible to all to supercharge growth.

Member unions from England, New Zealand and South Africa to Laos and Vietnam provided input into the development of T1 Rugby, which is a format for unions across the world to increase reach.

With global participation rates having increased by 11 per cent over the last year, driven by young people in emerging rugby markets, the new flagship non-contact sport will become the cornerstone of World Rugby’s ‘Get Into Rugby ‘programme and it is hoped that it will take off in clubs and schools around the world.