Martin Lewis has issued an “urgent” plea to Brits to not miss out on claiming £205 for free ahead of the dooming deadline.

The Money Saving Expert took to social media to share that before midnight on Monday, November 6 you can get £205 from HSBC sharing: “I have an urgent way many of you can make a totally free £205 via a bank.”

Whilst the deadline does close on November 6, if you apply before the cut-off date it should “all still work”, according to Lewis.

The deal from HSBC allows you to claim the £205 by setting up an HSBC Advance or Premier account, however, it is only for new customers.

Martin Lewis urges Brits to claim free £205

Explaining how the scheme works, the Money Saving Expert shared: “Right now there’s a bank that will pay you for opening an account, but you don’t need to use its switching service.”

Adding: “You don’t need to switch to it so you can keep your old bank and your normal banking systems up and running.

“And you can effectively just open this to get the free cash.”

Lewis also shared how couples can claim more than £205, as the Money Saving Expert said: “In fact, if you’re a couple, and I have already had many people doing this, both of you can do it.

“So there’s £205 each, which would be £410 between two of you.”

Explaining how the process to claim the free £205, Lewis shared: “When you apply, you will need to pass a credit check.

“It's credit checking in case you want an overdraft. So not everyone will be accepted.”

Lewis also shares that the deal is only for new customers for HSBC adding that it also means customers at their sub-brand First Direct are also unable to claim the deal.

You can find out more via the Money Saving Expert website.


Martin Lewis: Urgent way many of you can make a totally FREE £205 from a bank (ends Monday 6.11.23) Full info on homepage of

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How to claim free £205 from HSBC

There are two parts to receiving the full £205.

The first part sees customers receive a £125 within 20 days.

The unlock the £125 payment you’ll need to open a new HSBC Advance or Premier account either online or in a branch and then, within 60 days, do the following three things:

  1.  Deposit £1,500
  2.  Make at least five transactions using the current account debit card
  3.  Open an HSBC Global Money account (a digital multi-currency account) via the app and order the Global Money debit card

If you fulfil all the criteria, the £125 will be paid into your Global Money account within 20 days.

The second part will see customers get a further £80 in May 2024.

To get the bonus of £80 you’ll need to use your Global Money debit card five times by April 21 next year.

You’ll also be entered into a prize draw with a chance to win one of 24 £3,000 cash prizes - the draw will take place on April 29, 2024.

You also must be a UK resident to claim the offer.