Now that it is officially winter and the temperatures begin to drop, many will be hoping that some seasonal snow will hit the UK.

Whilst snow can make travelling harder with train and road delays, many wait for snow to arrive to add to the ‘festive’ spirit.

Though it is still the start of November, many weather forecasters including the Met Office, BBC Weather and WX Charts have shared their long-range predictions.

So, we can get an early insight into what to expect this winter, we’ve rounded up their predictions so you can see if snow is coming this winter.

County Times: Weather forecasters have shared their early predictions. Weather forecasters have shared their early predictions. (Image: PA)

Will the UK get snow this winter?

Starting with the Met Office, they share that for a few more weeks the UK can expect more rain and wind.

Sharing that there will be “unsettled conditions likely to dominate with further rain and showers for all regions.”

There will be some drier spells at point meaning that some “overnight patchy frost and fog is possible at times but, overall, the chance of widespread fog and frost is lower than normal.”

In terms of temperatures, the Met Office is suggesting that it will be “generally on the mild side for the time of year.”

Elsewhere, BBC Weather shares that low pressure will be the focus across November and December with windy and wet conditions.

County Times: Much of winter will be wet and windy conditions. Much of winter will be wet and windy conditions. (Image: PA)

Forecasters at BBC Weather said that the UK will “get wetter and windier conditions across the western side of Britain while eastern areas stay more seasonal.”

Lastly, WX Charts, which offers a map of the predictive weather forecast does show that parts of Scotland could see some snow.

Areas around Inverness and Fort William can expect snowfall at the end of November and during December.

Whilst parts of Scotland can expect some snow, it seems like much of the UK will have to wait a little bit longer for snow to arrive.