BT’s plan is to move all its phone landlines to Digital Voice, which is their name for Voice Over Internet Protocol.

There has been little publicity about this so I am hoping this letter will inform people, especially those born before the age of the internet and smart phones.

Digital Voice from BT is not suitable for everyone – I tried to cancel it, but BT moved us onto it without any discussion.

In the event of a power cut you will not be able to make or receive calls. “Use your mobile phone”, they say.

But there are many older people who do not have am mobile phone, and plenty of households without a mobile signal.

BT offer a battery back-up for use during power cuts if you have no mobile phone or signal. This is free in these cases (and others). Do not be pressured into paying £85 plus P&P.

I recommend that you take up BT’s offer of an engineer to set up the new equipment.

It is not as easy as they say as other devices such as mobile phones, iPads, smart TVs etc need to be connected to the new hub.
Marie Sharp,
Address supplied.