A BUS shelter on a Powys town centre street was "demolished" after a HGV struck it, transport operators say.

The shelter, located on Pentrerhedyn Street in Machynlleth, just outside Wheeler Fabrics and opposite the White Lion Hotel, was severely damaged in the incident on October 23..

A spokesperson for Powys County Council said: “We can confirm that a bus shelter in Machynlleth has been damaged and that our highways team have made the area safe.

“The damage to the bus shelter in Machynlleth was reported to the police. The vehicle and persons responsible for causing the damage have been identified and the cost of repairs will be covered by their insurance.”

Machynlleth bus company Lloyds Coaches stated on social media that the damage had reportedly been caused by a HGV colliding with the shelter at some point on the Monday night.


The coach service told commuters to wait near the shelter as the space would remain functional as a bus stop despite the damage.

They said: “Due to a heavy good vehicle demolishing the bus shelter outside the Fabric Shop at Machynlleth Clock please wait nearby, our drivers will look out for you.”

A spokesperson for Lloyds Coaches added that despite the damage, their bus services had not faced massive disruption, with most commuters still able to access coach services throughout the week and buses still running at a regularly scheduled rate.

Staff at the White Lion Hotel also stated that there was no significant interruption to the flow of traffic due to the damage, as the debris from the demolished shelter did not land outside the but stop and did not block the main road.

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Staff and customers at The White Lion Hotel also stated that they did not witness the collision but heard the crash as it happened.

Commenting on Lloyds Coaches' social media post, one Facebook user said: “We were in pub opposite when it happened. We didn't see what happened but did hear it.

“As far as we are aware no one was hurt, thank goodness.”

Powys County Council’s highways team arrived on the scene shortly after the damage was first reported in order to clear debris such as broken glass and make the area safe for pedestrians.