In recent weeks, I’ve received hundreds of emails from constituents across the region following the publication of the State of Nature report, writes Eluned Morgan MS.

The report serves as a stark reminder of the need to do more to support the natural world around us. 

This year, we have seen record breaking temperatures on land but also in our seas threatening fragile ecosystems. What most of us now recognises is that we can and must play our part in doing more to consume less, recycle more and make some simple changes to reduce our impact on the environment.

In 2021 the Welsh Government’s Programme for Government set out 10 wellbeing goals and I welcome the fact that one of these goals is to, “embed our response to the climate and nature emergency in everything we do.”

In the summer, First Minister Mark Drakeford confirmed that the Welsh Government will bring forward legislation to introduce a statutory duty and targets to protect and restore biodiversity.

As part of a co-ordinated approach to tackling the climate and nature emergency the Welsh Government introduced the Environment (Air Quality and Soundscapes) Bill earlier this year and this is currently progressing on its legislative journey through the Senedd.

If passed, the Bill will be a key step in bringing forward measures to improve air and noise quality and reduce the impacts on human health, the natural environment and our economy.

This year saw the Welsh Agriculture Act passed in the Senedd paving the way for ambitious and transformational legislation to support farmers, sustainable food production, and to conserve and enhance our Welsh countryside economy, culture and language.

The issue of climate change has been a key priority of my work as Senedd Member for Mid & West Wales.

Over the past 3 years, I have collaborated closely with primary schools to heighten awareness about the urgency of this issue and I am delighted to announce that moving forward, that my team will be partnering with the Earthshot Prize to further advance this initiative.