A RURAL shop owner says he was surprised to see a Facebook post highlighting the impact of card charges go viral but again called for customers to use cash where possible.

Duncan Borthwick, owner of Llanymynech Village Shop, posted to the shop’s Facebook page to tell customers about the charges he has faced, of around £500 minimum, for taking card payments.

The post said: “We had almost £500 in card charges this month.


“That is enough to make my part-time staff member full-time, or 70 per cent of my electricity bill for the month.

“We also had internet problems the other day, which meant people couldn't pay because they were carrying no cash or cards, only Apple Pay.

"Please, for the sake of small businesses, and to keep physical cash going, I beg you carry cash.

“Especially for small purchases as the flat fee for each purchase can often wipe out when small profit we make on those items."

He admitted the reaction to the post, which has received more than 10,000 likes, has taken him by surprise but he explained the context to publishing it.

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“I wasn’t expecting that,” he added.

“I don’t know why it’s touched a nerve but people are worried that cash is going to be gone but I wanted to show people what it’s like for a small business.

“People don’t understand the cost of running a small business.

“It’s been hard for a while now – I was particularly annoyed that day.

“I do understand that people can’t always carry cash and that people have to pay with their cards, especially when banks are closing but we do have a Post Office here where they can withdraw their money.

“If they can pay by cash when they can, then please do.”

Duncan added that he understands that small businesses are also charged for making cash deposits in banks but added that was not the case for him.

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“There were a lot of comments on that post,” he added.

“They were saying that it also costs money to pay into the bank but that doesn’t refer to me.

“I’m able to do it here because we have the Post Office and I can pay it into there which helps because card charges, and bank charges, are crippling us.”