The owner of TNS is looking for a partner to help run a new community pub in Powys.

Mike Harris, the owner of TNS, has put out an appeal for a new proprietor for the Breidden pub in Middletown near Welshpool “to reconnect it to the local community”.

In a statement on the TNS website the Welshpool businessman said TNS are looking for someone to either “take on the lease, fully operate the Free House and run the Pub in the style and manner in keeping with our ethos” or to “become a business partner with us, acquiring a percentage shareholding in the Breidden pub venture, based on financial input”.


As part of their appeal, they said they are looking “for an ambitious proprietor” for the newly acquired pub which is currently being refurbished.

In an online post TNS said: “Our philosophy is to restore the concept of the village pub and reconnect it to the local community.

“We believe the local pub plays a vital role in its community and we are committed to supporting this.

"We stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our pub operators, supporting them with the craft of running customer-friendly and community-spirited ventures.”

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The Breidden pub dates back to the early 19th century and is located just yards from the English border and was recently also operating as a Chinese restaurant.

TNS added: “The Breidden has been a part of the Middletown local community for many years.

"There have been many chapters to its tenure, and we are delighted to be part of its next chapter as we breathe life back into the building with an extensive refurbishment which maintains the integrity of the building, and pays homage to its glorious past, as part of the renovation project.

“The premise is being refit to a high-standard bar and kitchen to deliver good wholesome food and drink to its clientele.”