A Powys couple who featured on Channel 4’s ‘Four in a Bed’ walked away triumphant, having won their week-long competition.

Cambrian House, a boutique B&B in Carno, and its owners Ivan and Jacqui Fabian, appeared on the Channel 4 programme ‘Four in a Bed’ and ended up taking the top prize as their business was voted the best value for money of the four featured.

Featuring in a number of episodes in the week of September 25 as they toured other businesses and offered critiques on their service, the other owners visited Cambrian House in the episode that aired on September 28.

The next episode was the last one of the week and saw Jacqui and Fabien finish on top, with the other business owners leaving the best reviews for the Cambrian Hotel, finishing with a score of 97 percent.

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On winning the competition, Jacqui said: “We put our heart and soul into our business and created it from the ground up, so it’s a lovely moment to win the competition.”

Ivan added: “It means so much to us and we’ve had an absolute ball.”

During the episode where the other business owners stayed at the Cambrian Hotel, they were impressed by the size of the rooms, with the features and layout of the rooms being built by Ivan and designed by Jacqui, while also complimenting the accommodating hosts.

Ivan and Jacqui also charmed the other owners by sharing stories of how they met, with Ivan saying: “Jaqui and I met in a pub about sixteen years ago. Part of our introduction when she found my name was her saying; ‘I’ve got a brother called Ivan, I’ve got an uncle called Ivan and I’ve got a son called Ivan, I think I’ll have one more’.”

Speaking on the experience of filming ‘Four in a Bed’, Ivan said: “We put pressure on ourselves to make sure Cambrian House was looking its absolute best, but the production team were very accommodating and willing to work around what we needed so we didn’t feel any strain from them being there.

“It was a very welcome opportunity to connect with other business owners across Wales. It was especially interesting as the other businesses in the episode had quite different customer bases to ours. That was what made touring all these different venues so unique.”