We are so lucky in Powys to be able to observe the UK’s distinct seasons, writes Councillor Aled Davies.

Leaves are now losing their brilliant green as we move into autumn. Children have started a new school year, students excitedly going back to college/university and nights are quickly drawing in.

For our farmers the seasons dictates everything; harvest is almost over, only maize and potatoes are left in the fields.

Corn is being drilled and for our sheep farmers it’s the start of the new year as ewes and rams are bought and sold in the huge sales that take place across Powys. Farming doesn’t stop.

But the seasons don’t drive everything, though, sometimes, the headlines in the County Times appear to be cyclical in nature.


Windfarms and pylons, new proposals in Montgomeryshire have re-emerged after 12 years, hot on the heels of the Radnorshire proposals.

School closures proposals have also been again published by Powys County Councils Cabinet.

The Cabinet have decided that the Llanfyllin catchment review will now go on to the next stage.

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County Times:

The big difference this time is that the potential closure proposals do not go hand in hand with the building of new schools, which is very disheartening.

New proposals on schools in Newtown are also likely to be published soon.
Wind farms and schools impact our communities, Craig Williams MP and Russ George MS are seeking your views on the latest Bute Energy/Green Gen Cymru’s proposals.

Powys County Council must also run a consultation on the school closure proposals. It is so important that everyone take part in consultation exercises and if you wish, please get in touch with your local County Councillor, MP or MS to share your views, that’s what we are here for.

There are big changes within our Local Authority following the retirement of the Council’s excellent Chief Executive, a new Chief Executive will be appointed shortly, this will be followed by new appointment(s) at the director level.

Leadership of any organisation is so important; it’s the difference between success and failure. The Chief Executive leads the council's workforce and the Leader gives the political leadership.

Clear, open and transparent decision-making in any Local Authority gives confidence to the residents.

This has been shattered last week by the actions of the Powys Cabinet when a decision on the sale of a property was taken behind closed doors.

I have asked many questions in order to seek clarity, to date they have been left unanswered.