This is what the UK's biggest cities will look like in 100 years' time, according to AI.

Skylines across the country are constantly evolving as our population grows, technology develops and architecture advances.

Many of us call growing cities like Manchester, Glasgow, and Cardiff home but have you ever stopped to think about what our neighbourhoods could look like in a century?

It's fun to try and predict the future - hovercars, robots, holidays to Space - there are no limits to what we can imagine even if some things are more likely to happen than others.

What will the UK look like in 2123? 

People's Postcode Lottery took it to AI experts and asked them to re-imagine what the UK will look like in the year 2123.

Managing Director and Senior Designer at CK Architectural, Chris Lawson, analysed a set of re-imagined images that were created using the generative AI platform MidJourney.


Midjourney has predicted what the UK's Granite city will look like in 100 years.

This is what the port city in northeast Scotland looks like in a recent image from Google Maps compared to the AI generated image.

What do you think?


Browse between one contemporary picture of the West Midlands city - well known for being a powerhouse during the Industrial Revolution.

Midjourney has generated an image of the popular canalside development Brindley Place - how accurate do you think it is?


Look towards the Welsh capital and the country's biggest city - this is what Midjourney predicts Wales will look like in 2123.

How does it compare to this recent Google Maps image of Cardiff Bay - what are the main differences do you think?


This is what the Scottish capital's famous Royal Mile and St Giles Cathedral look like now and what it will look like if Midjourney is correct.

The historic street is a part of the city's Old Town but will it look this way in a century's time?


This is the future that Midjourney foresees for Scotland's biggest city.

Compare the two images of Glasgow's Pacific Quay on the River Clyde.

One picture is from Google Maps in today's time and the other was generated by Midjourney.


As for the English and British capital, here's what London's busiest shopping street looks like now in a recent Google Maps snap.

And if you move the slider, you can see what the major road in the City of Westminster could look like in 2123.


Finally, Midjourney also predicted what Manchester will look like in a century.

This is what the generative AI predicts for the North West city's Oxford Road - what do you think?

Chris gave his verdict on the images, saying: “AI does not consider the growing renewable energy, biodiversity, and housing volume requirements we’re currently designing towards.

"In 100 years, there will be more green, higher buildings and new renewable energy generation required in all buildings.

“However, some of the re-imaginations include an example of how modern architecture can work in contrast with traditional buildings and infrastructure.

"Other AI recreations remain a potential possibility to add more leisurely spaces to overcrowded cities that span multiple heights.”