Motorbike models from Honda and Yamaha were found to be the most stolen in the UK in the last year, according to new data.

In the UK between June 2022 and May 2023, there were 18,361 motorcycles registered as stolen to the DVLA by police.

To find out which models were stolen most frequently, a Freedom of Information Request was submitted to the DVLA by the finance company Anglo Scottish.

Here's which exact motorbike brands were stolen the most in the UK during the period between June 2022 and May 2023.

County Times: The top 10 list for UK motorcycles was made up of just two manufacturersThe top 10 list for UK motorcycles was made up of just two manufacturers (Image: Canva)

Top 10 stolen motorbike models in the UK in the last year

According to the analysis of the DVLA data from Anglo Scottish, the top 10 most stolen motorbikes in the UK were:

1. Yamaha GPD125-A NMAX 125 ABS = 512

2. Honda WW 125-A = 450

3. Honda WW 125 EXH2-H = 306

3= Yamaha YBR 125 = 306

5. Honda NSC 110 E-E = 293

6. Honda NSC 110 MPDH = 235

7. Honda WW 125 EX2-F = 227

8. Honda (No Model Code Recorded) = 201

9. Honda WW 125 EX2-A = 190

10. Yamaha YZF R125 = 171

The entire top 10 list of the most-stolen bike models in the UK comprises bikes from just two manufacturers in Honda and Yamaha.

Anglo Scottish commented: "Whilst Honda is renowned for its powerful, reliable engines, Yamaha motorcycles are known for their sharp handling, making them a cult favourite for many riders.

"However, many of the bikes listed on the most-stolen rankings during this time are not the supercharged, modified or rare vehicles you might expect.

County Times: The bikes that were stolen the most were 'commuter scooters'The bikes that were stolen the most were 'commuter scooters' (Image: Canva)

"In fact, all of the most-stolen bikes on this list are “commuter scooters” with engines of 125cc or under!"

The motorbike theft dataset also included information on which UK cities have reported the highest number of stolen bikes over the last 12 months.

Cambridge topped the list here with a rate of 99 bikes stolen per 100,000 people, with Southampton in second at a rate of 82 per 100,000 people.

London came ninth on the list overall with 33 per 100,000 people, despite having the most in total at 2,975 in pure figures.

In comparison, Cambridge had 157 and Southampton had 203 but had a higher rate due to their populations being far smaller.