The Football Association of Wales (FAW) has cut ties with one of its most senior members over comments that the association deemed to be sexist and misogynistic.

The association has confirmed that it has ended all association with its former president, Welshpool-based Phil Pritchard, after independent mediators ruled that Mr Pritchard made inappropriate comments at a pre-match dinner. Mr Pritchard said at the time of his suspension that his comments were “misinterpreted”.

A spokesperson for the FAW said: “Following a recent disciplinary matter brought by the Football Association of Wales against Mr Philip Pritchard, which was considered by an Independent Arbitration Panel, Mr Pritchard’s association with the FAW has ended with immediate effect.

“Mr Pritchard therefore ceases to be a past president, council member and shareholder of the FAW.

“Disciplinary proceedings were brought against Mr Pritchard in October 2022 following a complaint received by the FAW regarding Mr Pritchard’s conduct.  


“The matter was referred to an Independent Arbitration Panel which decided that an appropriate sanction was to suspended Mr Pritchard. The sanction delivered by the Panel included a suspended suspension that was subsequently enforced after Mr Pritchard failed to comply with conditions set out within the Panel’s decision.

“Further disciplinary proceedings were brought by the FAW in May 2023 as a result of comments made by Mr Pritchard to the BBC.  This matter was also referred to an Independent Arbitration Panel. 

“After considering all of the facts, the Panel decided that the appropriate sanction was to terminate Mr Pritchard’s association with the FAW with immediate effect."

In March 2023 it was revealed that Mr Pritchard, one of the longest serving councillors for the FAW, having served since 1992, was among three council members who were reprimanded for inappropriate behaviour.

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Ron Bridges of north Wales and south Wales based councillor Huw Jones were also reprimanded by the association.

At the time, Mr Pritchard said: "There is always a good atmosphere before games and lots of banter and joking.

"This is a case of a comment being misinterpreted and I deny making any offensive comments which I was accused.”

On being suspended, he added: “It would have cost so much money to challenge this that it was easier to take the suspension.”