A postmistress is at the forefront of a new campaign highlighting how the Post Office can continue to provide people with cash amid continued bank closures across mid Wales.

Jan Morgan has been serving the community in Corris, near Machynlleth, for 16 years, having moved to the area over 30 years ago and learned how to speak Welsh for her role in the service.

Ms Morgan has spent that time catering to the unique needs of the community, as not just the head of its Post Office but also one of the few places to provide cash services to local businesses and residents.

On August 22, Corris Post Office received a sign as part of a campaign to raise awareness of the fact that, for many people, their local Post Office represents the closest everyday banking facility.


Ms Morgan said: “Having lived in Corris for about 25 years, I've seen first-hand how crucial local services are.

"The team and I have provided a steady anchor in shifting tides, by being a one-stop-hub providing people with the essential services at the heart of the Corris community.

“Post Offices aren’t just about parcels; we're a lifeline for folks who come in to do everyday banking from withdrawing cash to depositing cheques, and all while having a friendly chat. 

“I live and work in Corris. I moved to the Dyfi Valley nearly 30 years ago for a transfer with the railway to work at Machynlleth station, and later moved to Corris. I’ve never wanted to move away. It’s a beautiful place with lots of good neighbours.”

County Times: Residents outside the Corris post office with Jan MorganResidents outside the Corris post office with Jan Morgan (Image: Ian Cooper)

With nearby bank branches having closed, the nearest bank hub to Corris - whose post office is in Powys despite the village being in Gwynedd - is currently in Dolgellau, over 10 miles away, and bank branches with cash services are even further, as Aberystwyth is over 20 miles away from the community.

Ms Morgan added: “With the unfortunate decline of nearby bank branches, our Post Office is an increasingly vital support for the local community giving them crucial cash services at their doorstep and we’ve seen cash transactions go up as a result.

“For some people who don't know they can bank here, we’re always quick to let them know they don’t need to travel for miles just to deposit a cheque, withdraw or deposit cash as we can do it all here.”