PLANS for electric vehicle chargers that have already been installed at the Tesco store in Welshpool, have been given the green light by Powys planners.

Tesco made the retrospective application for two fast EV chargers and flag poles along along with a second retrospective proposal to install a 42 inch LCD media screen and two flagpole signs to advertise the facility

The applications were submitted to the council in June over 18 months after work to install the EV chargers was completed in November 2021.

The EV chargers and associated signage were installed at Welshpool’s Mill Lane store as part of a national project to roll out the infrastructure across Tesco sites in the UK.

Several car parking spaces have been lost to make way for the charging site.


Planning officer Luke Woosnam said: “The proposed sign and EV charger media board have been located within the car park area of the store.

“This application is fully retrospective as the works have been completed.

“The development is considered to have been located in a suitable location within the car parking area at Tesco.

“It is not considered to be overbearing however being readily visible to targeted users.”

Mr Woosnam said the EV chargers was “acceptable in this location” and would not cause harm to the character of the surrounding area.

The site is 150 metres to the east of Welshpool canal which is a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and a Special Area of Conservation (SAC).

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Mr Woosnam said: “Given the nature of the development, officers consider there will unlikely be a significant impact on the SAC and SSSI as a result of the proposal.”

On the advertising signage and media screen Mr Woosnam said: “The signage has a distinct character, using consistent colour choices, primarily consisting of blue and red which is considered the most suitable choice of colour scheme given the surroundings.

“It is considered that the advertisement is acceptable in this area and will not cause any effects to the landscape given its positioning within the car park area of Tesco.”

“It is considered the sign would not have a detrimental impact upon highway safety or upon public safety within the surrounding area.”

He approved both applications.