The views of Llanidloes' young people could be heard through a new representative to act as a bridge between the youth and the town council

Councillors said they were "happy in principle" with the idea which was brought up for discussion at a recent meeting by Councillor Andrew Morel who is a teacher.

Councillor Morel said: "We represent some element of the community but not all of that. There is a huge group of people that we don’t represent, and therefore my proposal is we engage in a youth representative, a non-voting member to turn to for a young opinion of the town.


"In the spirit of creating citizens of the future it’s an obvious thing. It’s a way we can get their views without relying on Councillor Jones, Craig and myself as teachers, or parents."

Councillor Trudy Davies agreed but added that she would like to see two members - one female and one male - who are under 18 and are "not necessarily a school child they could be in college".

Llanidloes county councillor Gareth Morgan added: "I think too often comments from young people are not interested anymore. To be fair they need a channel in which they can give their views and exercise their interest and develop it.

County Times:

"In principle it’s an extremely good idea. There are probably constitutional problems, but they could be allowed to speak."

Newtown and Llanllwchaiarn Town Council introduced the new role of community youth representatives in 2021 with Gemma Wallis chosen to give the area’s young people a voice in local matters before stepping down last month.

As a Community Youth Representative, Gemma Wallis helped meet a vital role, acting as a bridge between the young people and the town council. Her responsibilities included gathering and relaying ideas and views from the youth, engaging more young people in town council activities and events, actively participating in meetings and discussions, visiting youth groups and organisations to understand their perspectives, and promoting the work of Newtown and Llanllwchaiarn Town Council to the younger generation.