A Powys firm has shown off its technical innovations during a visit by other mid Wales manufacturers.

Local manufacturing and engineering companies were invited to attend the event at CastAlum's site in Welshpool recently as part of the organised by Mid Wales Manufacturing Group (MWMG).

The CastAlum site specialises in die-casting aluminium parts mainly for as parts for cars.

The site was a greenfield development in the winter of 2000-2001, serving one customer only. Twenty years on and the company supplies parts to the UK, Europe, Canada, and Mexico.


Managing director, Karl Meredith, said: “Ninety per cent of all production is for export, their components going into vehicles such as BMW, Ford, General Motors, Porsche, Mercedes, Jaguar Land Rover, as well as non-automotive customers. 

County Times:

“Over the past nine years we have heavily invested in the development of new products, processes, and capabilities. Through their own investigation and expertise, their process solutions meet world class quality standards.”

Presentations were also given by Chris Probert and Dan Burgess from the Welsh Government on the Economic Futures Fund and the new Flexible Innovation Support, SMART FIS is a unique Welsh Government Scheme with the single aim of helping Welsh organisations achieve “Innovation Excellence”. 

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Avril Lewis from Technology Connected informed guests on Wales Tech Week which takes place in October and showcases Welsh technology, and its ecosystem and champions the industry on the global stage.

Following the presentation visitors undertook a factory took enabling them to see the recent machinery investment including the Additive Material Technology process.

Ceri Stephens, group manager at Mid Wales Manufacturing Group (MWMG) added: “We are grateful to the team at CastAlum for hosting today's visit and showcasing their innovation excellence to the industrial community in Mid Wales”.