For over 35 years, Hanratty & Co have provided a vast array of legal services for the Mid Wales community. 

Buying and selling residential properties, resolving divorce proceedings, settlement agreements and tax planning all require a comprehensive grasp of the law. The friendly, enthusiastic team at Hanratty & Co pride themselves on their ability to tackle any challenge – no task is too big or too small! 

Discover their wide range of services covering individual needs, commercial enterprises and mediation. 

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Empathetic, professional advice for all circumstances 

The complexity of legal issues can bring an enormous amount of stress, especially when you are unfamiliar with the procedure. Hanratty & Co have a dedicated team of solicitors who strive to ensure that all aspects of their services are of the highest quality. Many have been accredited by the Law Society in their respective fields of expertise. 

If you’re looking for assistance in criminal proceedings, Hanratty & Co have solicitors specializing in all areas of Criminal Law. With a proven track record of success from the police station to crown court proceedings, the team will provide you with sympathetic, essential advice. 

Residential property transactions are another tricky area, whether you’re buying your first home or selling one of your properties. The residential conveyancing team at Hanratty & Co can expertly handle all aspects of your residential property affairs, ranging from: 

  • Freehold purchase and sale 
  • Joint tenancies 
  • Matrimonial conveyancing 
  • Mortgages and remortgages 
  • Transfers of equity 

Unfortunately, legal disputes can arise between yourself and close friends, family or employers. These issues often cause tensions to rise and emotional difficulties, but having a professional, compassionate lawyer to assist you makes the world of difference. The highly experienced dispute resolution team are well placed to provide cost-effective, focused legal assistance – they will assess the strength of your case, the chances of success and the potential value of your claim. 

Tailored solutions for your business needs 

Whether you’re a small business owner or a large-scale company, Hanratty & Co provide a wide variety of services covering debt recovery, employment related issues and commercial litigation matters. From agriculture to commercial property, the solicitors at Hanratty & Co create tailored solutions to smooth out the challenges that arise during entrepreneurial endeavours.  

Seeking experienced legal advice is essential for individuals looking to open a shop, businesses expanding on to new premises or those seeking to purchase land for further development. The solicitors specialising in the complex field of commercial property bring a practical, straight-forward approach to each task – resolving matters efficiently and with the utmost consideration for your specific requirements. 

Employment law covers an extremely broad, fast paced arm of the law. By keeping up with the rapid changes, employers ensure the prosperity of their business and their employees. Hanratty & Co provide timely, up to date legal assistance for employment and discrimination law issues within the workplace.  

Day-to-day HR support, litigation representation, drafting contractual documentation and supporting business reorganisations are just a few of the essential services that Hanratty & Co provide.  

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Flexible settlement techniques  

Mediation is a settlement method, conducted privately and confidentially, in which a neutral mediator acts as a facilitator to help parties reach an amicable agreement. The mediator is there to assist both parties in reaching a desirable solution and clarify the most important issues, rather than pass judgement or take sides during the course of discussions. 

Mediation is a highly effective route for a wide range of problems including landlord and tenant disputes, professional negligence disputes, contractual disputes and many others. This method grants both parties a much higher level of autonomy and often leads to a much faster solution. Hanratty & Co can provide a professional, trustworthy mediation service and help you reach a settlement that works for you. 

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