A recent study has shown that fuel prices in Powys are among the slowest to recover in Wales.

A recent study by Moneyzine who utilised data from UK fuel pricing data to uncover which UK region has been most successful in recovering their fuel prices across diesel, unleaded and super unleaded price per litre so far this year.

Prices rose in Powys last year on average by over 20 per cent to an average across different fuel types of 182.51 pence per litre, however they have only dropped by 12.3 per cent this year – the third slowest recovery in Wales.

In May, the figures show, average prices in Powys stood at 160.16ppl - ranging from 148p for a litre of unleaded to 185.7p for diesel. 


Wales overall though has shown a healthy recovery in price with second quickest recovery of any region in the UK with the best area being Gwynedd with a drop of 13.43 per cent.

Monmouthshire, on the other hand, has seen the slowest drop of just over 11 per cent.

Jonathan Merry, Personal Finance Expert and CEO at Moneyzine.com offered tips to motorists finding the cheapest fuel.

County Times:

“Fill up in off peak hours,” said Mr Merry. “Opting for weekdays or non-peak hours to fill up can often secure more favourable prices.

“Downloading reliable apps and checking websites can provide real-time updates on fuel pricing in your area, allowing you to make informed decisions.

“Consider joining fuel station loyalty programs, these often provide discounted rates and special promotions for cardholders.

“Local prices are varying a lot at the moment, factors like competition, refinery proximity, and transportation costs can influence fuel prices significantly.”