A PUBLIC consultation has been launched after a draft decision to approve an environmental permit to operate a bulk recycling facility in Abermule was confirmed.

Powys County Council re-applied to Natural Resources Wales for an environmental permit in June 2022 after a previous application was refused by the environmental regulator in March 2022.

The initial bid was turned down amid concerns over fire safety, and in response Powys County Council sought permission to build a large water tank on the site.

Natural Resources Wales has now reached a draft decision to issue the permit.

However, a public consultation will be launched to explain the decision to the public and to give them the opportunity to comment before it is formally approved.

Ann Weedy, NRW Operations Manager for Mid Wales said: “We have undertaken a full technical assessment of the application and supporting documents and taken into account the comments received and held from the previous consultation.

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“We believe that we have considered all the relevant issues and reached a reasonable conclusion, but our final decision could be affected by any information that is relevant to the issues we have to consider.”

The site would, once open, be able to process up to 22,500 tonnes of non-hazardous waste per year, while a maximum of 425 tonnes would be kept on the site at any one time.

The only proposed treatment activity is the bulking up of materials.


Materials received on site will be separated before arrival so they will not require any manual sorting or separation.

Bulking up involves gathering smaller quantities of a material into a larger quantity, making them easier and more efficient to transport and process.

The public consultation will start on Friday, June 2 and run for a period of four weeks, closing on Friday 30 June 2023.

Unless information is received that leads Natural Resources Wales to alter the conditions in the draft permit, or to reject the application altogether, the permit will be issued in its current form.

A final decision will be made shortly after feedback to the consultation has been fully considered.