Anyone with Android devices is being urged to check their apps as they could have one downloaded that has links to security threats. 

The screen recording app, iRecorder was found to be secretly stealing files, pictures and web information. 

It comes as cybersecurity experts have claimed that the app uses the device's microphone every 15 minutes collecting clips of audio.

Now it's said that malware has ruined iRecorder following its launch back in 2021, seeing hackers add the audio collecting feature nearly a year later. 

Android users told to delete iRecorder app

Speaking at ESET, Global Cybersecurity Advisor Jake Moore said: "Interestingly here is that the app passed initial tests to get on the Google Play store but it was the update that carried the malicious activity

"Although the app is now removed from the Google Play store, it is advised to remove it from your phone if you installed it whilst it was still live.

"By deleting the app, the phone will remain safe from prying eyes and ears."

County Times: The app is said to be collecting audio. The app is said to be collecting audio. (Image: Canva)

ESET also shared that since the app's beginning, it has been downloaded more than 50,000 times on Google Play according to the Mail Online.

Users are asked to give permission for iRecorder to record audio and to access photos and media files, however, ESET has claimed that no other permission requests we're given.

Since its security threat, Google has removed iRecorder but it is still available to download on other Android user markets. 

This is not the first time Android users have been encouraged to delete apps due to security reasons. 

The anti-malware company Malwarefox has recently warned users to double-check their apps as some could be 'malicious'.

The cyber experts shared that criminals will download a legitimate app from the Google Play store, add the malware programs to it, and then re-upload it to the Google Play store under a new name, hoping that someone downloads their version instead of the legitimate version.