BBC One’s BAFTA winning daytime television show ‘The Repair Shop’ is on the lookout for contributors in Powys.

The show, hosted by Jay Blades, invites members of the public to bring in their treasured items in need of care and repair.

The Repair Shop team are currently filming their latest series at the barn, but are also searching for more items to restore as well as people with personal histories surrounding the item who would be up for sharing their stories.

The Repair Shop's presenter, Jay Blades, said: "We are looking for unique items for our new series.


"They don't have to be antique, it can be absolutely anything, but it must have that sentimental value and it must mean something to you and it needs repairing. We want you to get in contact because we want to get these things fixed for you."

Each episode of the show follows professional craftspeople restoring the items brought in, transforming a priceless but damaged piece of history.

Ceramics expert, Kirsten Ramsay said: "In previous series we've fixed a whole host of items, traditional instruments, garments, books, crockery and more. So, please get in touch about your amazing items in need of some love."

Executive Producer, Glenn Swift added: “If you’ve got anything that needs restoring, evokes wonderful memories or is a treasured family possession then get in touch, all you need to do is fill in the form on the BBC website or email us the details and we’ll do the rest.”