The organisers of the North Wales Rally are reportedly interested in returning to Welshpool for the 2024 edition of the event. 

At a meeting of Welshpool Town Council’s Planning and Events Committee on April 19, Cllr Alison Davies recounted the rally organisers’ interest in holding the start and finish line of the event in Welshpool’s town centre. 

The 2023 event saw cars and competitors gather at Broad Street, from where cars set off into the forests for eight stages of competition. 

The council stated it would be open to working with North Wales rally to hold the 2024 event at the same venue.


Cllr Davies said: “The organisers were delighted. They seemed very pleased with how the event went and received lots of positive feedback from the drivers, who also thought the event was excellent. 

“We understand that it costs them quite a bit more to hold the event from within Welshpool, but in doing so they get more active interest from local businesses and visitors.

“I think after the success of the event and seeing it unfold first-hand, local businesses will be better prepared to make the most of the opportunity and the footfall it brings next year. 

“In addition to businesses on our high street, I know that every Bed and Breakfast in the area was booked to accommodate the drivers, teams and visitors.”


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