Charlotte Church’s new wellness retreat in the Elan Valley has officially opened.

The Dreaming, which is on the site of the Laura Ashley’s former home Rhydoldog House, has been redesigned by the singer.

The project began when the singer decided to “have a nose” at the property and the redevelop from a rundown property into “a stunning wellness retreat which works both with and for nature”- which was all captured on the documentary series Charlotte Church’s Dream Build on the Discovery Channel.  

County Times:

The grounds boast waterfalls, rocks and caves and an abundance of natural beauty and she could see this as a place to combine the three things she felt very strongly about: climate action, economic equity and wellbeing for all.

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“I have regularly tried to use my platform to campaign for climate action, economic equity, and wellbeing for all. Some of that has turned out to be effective and meaningful, but I always felt there was more I could be doing,” said Ms Church.

“I think that’s why I fell so utterly in love with Rhydoldog House, as it gave me a vision of an integrated healing centre in line with my most deeply held values. The realisation of that vision has completely changed my life and I hope that we can help our guests change their lives too, even if it’s just in small ways.”


The retreat also prides itself on economic equity and whilst prices do start at £450 for three nights including all meals and activities there are schemes to allow access for people of all means including  a “pay what you can” space on every three-day retreat.

The Dreaming says it “offers an escape from the complexity of modern life”. Guests are invited to participate in as many or as few of these offerings as they like. They can enjoy a very full three days or simply curl up somewhere comfortable in the beautiful surroundings and read a book.

County Times:

All rooms have ensuite facilities and three meals a day are provided in the equally stunning refectory, which offers “spectacular views while you eat”.

The grounds of the retreat are also impressive and retreat stays include access to all 47 acres where you can “walk through the natural beauty and immerse yourself in special spaces, such as The Waterfall Shower, Wood Henge and The Pool of a Hundred Reflections.

For the super adventurous, The Den allows for outdoor sleeping to comfortably experience the nocturnal wildlife”.