AN AUDI driver has been banned from the roads after he was caught speeding at 120mph near Welshpool.

Ryland David Phillips, 50, was clocked doing double the speed limit along the A483 Arddleen straight between 12.30am and 1am on September 10, 2022.

The highly trained Welshpool-based senior engineer was given a 56-day driving ban and ordered to pay £665 after he pleaded guilty to travelling "grossly in excess" of the speed limit.

Welshpool Magistrates' Court heard police were driving behind Phillips' Audi A3 who was travelling home to St Martins, near Oswestry after visiting his partner in Welshpool.


Huw Williams, mitigating for Phillips, said: "The speed speaks for itself - 120mph is grossly in excess of the speed limit.

"He has no excuse whatsoever and he knows this for driving at such an excessive speed."

Mr Williams added that a driving ban would risk Phillips' 16-year career as the only engineer at a Welshpool construction company who travels thousands of miles every month around the UK training people to use specialist machinery.

"His licence is absolutely crucial for work and to attend these various sites," Mr Williams said.

"He is financially responsible for the rent of the house. Without his income there will be housing difficulties.

"It’s a basic plea to be as lenient as you can. He doesn’t want to lose his employment, his home, his partner, or children.

"The speed is high, but I invite you to treat it on its own circumstances and merits."

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The court heard that Phillips had already received three points on his licence for speeding which will expire in February 2024.

Stephen Pembroke, chair of the magistrates' bench, said: "We’ve heard some mitigation from your solicitor, and we have decided that we do have to disqualify you for 56 days.

"We’ve heard you’re a well thought of employee and we hope your employer will work around that some way."

Phillips, of Church Fields, St Martins, was ordered to pay a £415 fine, £165 victim surcharge and £85 court costs.