Young people do not feel like they need to move away from mid Wales to start a successful career in the robotics industry, says a prestigious award-winning Newtown business that has worked with Bentley, BMW and Unilever.

Reeco Automation says it is committed to creating jobs, demonstrate that young people can live in rural Wales and work in the technology sector.

Managing director Llewelyn 'Lel' Rees said: “Many students aren’t aware of the opportunities within their local area and we feel it is our job to get Reeco’s name out there so students don’t feel like they need to move away to start a career within the industry.

“We have worked hard on building our business over the past six years and are now working closely with the local college to on-board more apprentices.”


Reeco produces systems technology that allows people and cobots – collaborative robots - to work together in close proximity on arduous tasks such as assisting a factory worker by lifting heavy loads. It’s customers include Ford, Rolls-Royce, Honeywell and Unilever.

The robotics company welcomed Welsh Conservative leader Andrew RT Davies and Montgomeryshire politicians Craig Williams MP and Russell Geroge MS to its factory on the Mochdre Industrial Estate this week (Tuesday, April 4) to see the work in action.

Russell George MS said: “I’m really grateful to Lel for giving Andrew, Craig, and me a tour of his excellent business.

“It is really fantastic to see this homegrown business grow as it has, proving that mid Wales entrepreneurs rightfully have a reputation for innovation.

“Given they have partnered with several car companies from Bentley and BMW and varied suppliers like Unilever and Morrisons, it is easy to assume that the robots Reeco has built has created products that have touched each corner of the world.

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“As someone with a business background myself, I believe the best way to grow Reeco and other companies with aspirations to leave a worldwide imprint is to create an attractive business environment.”

Lel added: “We really appreciate Russell, Craig, and Andrew taking the time to come and visit us all here at Reeco and really showcase what we do as an organisation and the in-house skills of our talented engineers.”

Reeco was founded in August 2016 by Lel Rees after spending 15 years working in industrial robot technology. 

In 2021, the business announced that it was moving to a larger factory on the Mochdre Industrial Estate to meet the growing demand of its customers in the UK and abroad.