Welshpool Town Council used the arrival of Rally North Wales to unveil their town market project for 2023.

As over 140 cars and drivers hit the streets of Welshpool on Saturday, March 27, caterers, craft sales and companies were also on the town’s streets for a weekend market.

The day served as the first outing for Welshpool Town Council’s plan to hold a number of markets throughout the year, eventually making it a monthly feature, in conjunction with events that come to the town.

Visitors who arrived to see the rally at its start/finish line along Broad Street were greeted by an array of pop-up stalls.


The town council enlisted the help of community organiser Gill Bridgwater, who said: “This market is made entirely of small, local businesses who can be found within 25 miles of Welshpool.

“I started speaking to the town council before the pandemic, looking for ways to work together and advertise ourselves as a united town.

“The hope is to create a space that is for more than just shopping, but can become a real town event that creates a sense of community while helping local businesses.”

Welshpool Town Council is planning to hold its next market to coincide with the Easter holidays in April, then for the coronation of King Charles in May, and then continue to hold a market once a month for the remainder of the year.

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