The public will soon be able to stay in Laura Ashley’s first home in Powys after a couple completed their passion project of restoring the building.

Linda Bretherton had long been a fan of the famous designer before she and her husband acquired the property in 2015 after searching for a holiday home in the Machynlleth area.

“It’s very small so it was debatable whether we wanted it for a holiday home. Initially I said to my husband ‘let’s think about it’,” said Mrs Bretherton.

“The following day I was taking the dog for a walk. I heard this noise behind me and when I turned around it was a Laura Ashley lorry, it had got stuck down the lanes. After helping him, all the way home I was going “oh that was a sign” and that was is it.”


The couple have been renovating the property on and off over a three-year period and other than putting new electrics and plumbing they have lovingly restored the property to be as authentic to the original as possible.

County Times: Linda Bretherton has lovingly restored the Powys property over the last few yearsLinda Bretherton has lovingly restored the Powys property over the last few years (Image: Linda Bretherton)

“All the floors are all the original oak floors – which are fabulous,” said Mrs Bretherton. “There’s a fantastic little spiral staircase which is all in oak, all of that had to be cleaned off and revarnished.”

“We didn’t want to have to rip out walls, some of the walls are just oak wood back-to-back, you can see through them.

“We were told that Bernard Ashley had carried some of the panelling, he got it from Y Plas near Newtown and he carried it back on the train. You can see the doors in there are about three and half foot wide, so they definitely come from a big place like Y Plas or a town hall or something like that.

Along with this Mrs Bretherton has also collected a wide variety of vintage Laura Ashley pieces that will be put up for display in the property.

“They are gorgeous all original Laura Ashley fabrics, dresses, blouses, skirt, trousers all over 35 years old, all made by a local lady who worked in the Machynlleth factory. In lunch times they were allowed to sew and make their own things using patterns and she made these then. So I’ve got loads of these gorgeous fabrics, patterns and dresses.

“They’re going to be on display, some of them I’m not going to part with because they are just iconic.”

Since starting work on the property, Mrs Bretherton has gained interest from all over the world, with some sending in fabrics to add to the collection.

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Mrs Bretherton has said that she will be doing a test opening around Easter “We’ve not done it before we just want it to be comfortable,” said Mrs Bretherton.

“We want to invite some friends to stay over and give us a critique.”

After this they intend to start booking in May. More information can be found on their social media: