POWYS County Councillors will receive a 4.76 per cent rise in their basic salary from April onwards.

This equates to an extra £800 and takes the salary up to £17,600 a year.

The rise in basic pay follows a bumper increase for councillors all over Wales who were given were given a £2,432 rise for this financial year (2022/2023).

This happened after the IRPW reinstated the link between councillors’ salary and the Annual Survey of Hourly Earnings (ASHE), which is published by the Office of National Statistics. (ONS).

The reason the IRPW try and set a fair salary is in the hope that councillors can be found from all backgrounds including those who may also work full time.

The IRPW met in February and confirmed that salary increase to the basic pay for the 2023/24 financial year.


Increases would also be made to the salary of the leader, deputy leader and cabinet members on top of the basic rise.

This is to reflect the levels of extra responsibility they have.

An eight-week consultation on the draft proposals took place last year from October 6 to December 1.

IRPW chairwoman Frances Duffy said: “As part of the consultation process, stakeholders were invited to answer five questions using an online survey or by return email.

“A total of 89 responses were received online, whilst 44 were submitted by email.

“Overall, the responses supported the panel’s determinations and so no changes have been made.

“In some areas the wording of the determinations has been strengthened to clarify areas of uncertainty raised through the consultation, primarily a restatement of the ability for members, on an individual basis, to opt out of part or all of their remuneration.”

County Times:

Ms Duffy said that the panel had decided this year will be one for “consolidation” which allows the decision from last year to “bed in.”

She added that the panel would “continue to develop” research and evidence that would form the basis to future decisions.

A Powys council spokesman confirmed that councillors will be asked to note the IRPW annual report at the council’s annual meeting in May.

The spokesman said “The IRPW stipulates that the increase must be applied effective from April 1 unless any individual member opts personally and in writing to receive a lower amount.

“This is a decision for the individual Member and is not a matter for the council.

“To forego a salary a member or co-opted member must notify the chief finance officer (Section 151 Officer) in writing, confirming the date which it should be implemented from.”

All the council salary increases in Powys

  • Council leader salary will go up to £59,400 – an increase from  £56,700.
  • Deputy leader salary will go up to £41,580 – an increase from  £39,690.
  • Cabinet member salary will go up to £35, 640 – an increase from  £34,020.
  • The other roles with a senior salary – only have the basic increase added to it.
  • Committee chairmen, council chairman and leader of the opposition can all now receive up to £26,400- an increase from £25,593.