Llanfair Caereinion Town Council is in the early stages of setting up a youth club with the aim to open later this Spring.

After receiving a grant of £9,950 from Award for All Wales, organised by the National Lottery, Llanfair Town Council is looking for a Youth Leader to help spearhead a club as part of a proposal in the town’s Action Plan.

First adopted in November 2021, the council’s plan included a section promising to deliver a Youth Club, after consulting with the Youth Forum set up from the High School.

A survey of the High School students was completed by the members of the Youth Forum who reported their findings to the Town Council.


The results of the survey show some main themes identified by the young people of Llanfair Caereinion, first among which was the lack of a Youth Club within the town, representing a lack of facilities where young people in the town can converse.

Llanfair Town Council sought advice from Powys County Council existing local youth providers and other experienced persons involved with the area.

Town Clerk Robert Robinson is determined to continue developing the project with input from the council’s Youth Forum.

He said: “As the proposal was first put forward by young people of the tow, and since it is a facility for them, we want to keep that connection between the council and the forum, to discuss what they want and how best we can deliver on that proposal.


County Times:

“There is a lot we want to do with a facility like that club and while it’s currently in the planning stage, we are making good progress with setting something up from which we can build and expand.

“We are pleased to be making our way through these first steps and sort out the priorities of how to bring this to the town. What we want most of all is to deliver something that is clearly wanted by the town’s youth.”

Llanfair Town Council hope to have the Youth Club running by late April, 2023 and will be housed in the Public Institute. 

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