Welshpool Town Council is holding the town’s annual Easter Egg Hunt in April.

On April 7 and April 8, eleven eggs will be hidden around Welshpool’s shop windows and businesses, with children having to track them down from a number of clues.

Finding each egg will reveal another letter of a hidden word. Those taking part can pick up a quiz sheet for the hunt at Welshpool Tourist Information Centre.


Upon completing the hunt and finding the missing words, children can hand their sheet back in to the Tourist Information Centre where they will receive a prize at the end.

Welshpool Town Council has thanked Morrisons for their donation of Cream Eggs.

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Town Mayor Alison Davies visited the Welshpool store to collect the donated cream eggs, which were presented by Morrisons Community Champion Debbie Gates.

She said: “Welshpool Town Council relies heavily on donations from our shops and businesses to run this event, so we are extremely grateful to all who donate.

“The Easter Egg hunt is always popular with children, and it is wonderful that we have such supportive businesses.”