A footbridge over Welshpool Railway Station that is in an increasingly poor condition is in a state of confusion - because nobody can decide who is responsible for it.

The question of who is accountable for the service and maintenance of the footbridge at the station is complicated by a different organisations each having a claim for a different section of it - and the Welsh Government has now called a meeting to thrash out who should be gritting it.

The bridge, which leads from the platform of Welshpool Station, over the A483, and onto the streets of Welshpool is split into sections, each owned by different parties.

They include the Highways Agency of the Welsh Government, Network Rail, Transport for Wales and Powys County Council, who have all been contacted by the County Times to clarify who is responsible for its upkeep.


The issue was highlighted during the winter months, when establishing who was responsible for gritting the bridge to keep it free from ice remained unclear, with different agencies reportedly unable to lay grit over the entirety of the bridge.

Now progress could be made after the Welsh Government revealed it is to hold talks with the various bodies and decide who should be caring for the bridge.

A Welsh Government spokesperson said: “We recently met with representatives from Network Rail and Transport for Wales to discuss concerns over the ownership and winter maintenance management of the footbridge.

“An agreement will now be drawn up to clarify exactly which body is responsible for each element of the structure.

County Times:

“Meanwhile, Powys County Council has agreed to carry out gritting and snow clearance of the bridge’s footway, when required, as part of their duties to maintain Public Rights of Way in the Welshpool area.”

In a letter sent to several organisations, Welshpool rail user Ken Law said: “It has previously been cited over a period of many years that multiple parties are responsible for the footbridge, namely Powys County Council, the Highways Agency and Transport for Wales.

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“Unfortunately, this has meant that no one party actually keeps the footbridge free of ice with individual parties who may or may not attempt to keep their own perceived areas free of ice.

“There are a significant number of issues affecting Welshpool Station which have been raised over the years but remain unresolved.”

The issue also extends to the general maintenance and upkeep of the bridge. It remains unclear which party would be responsible for repairing the bridge in the event of any damage, or providing updates and renovations to the structure at the time it becomes outdates.

Being split between as many as four different groups, resolving any issues with the structure becomes increasingly difficult, according to rail users.

Mr Law added: “Many comments from passengers and the general public have been that this should be an easy issue to resolve with one party taking responsibility for safe access, however, this has been firmly resisted to date by the individual parties.”