NEW Christmas lights for Welshpool could cost up to £70,000 - but the current set have been described as "old and brittle", and blew within hours of last year's grand switch-on.

Welshpool Town Council is launching a bid to secure new lights, hoping to collaborate with residents and businesses to obtain funding. 

The council is appealing to the town to help with raising £50k-£70k for new lights to replace the current setup, and is holding a meeting on Tuesday, March 7 at Welshpool Town Hall to launch the bid for new lights.

It will take the form of a community initiative and provide the public with information on how they can help make new Christmas lights a reality in Welshpool. 


The town council has put up £25k match funding in its budget for the lights, but is hoping to raise a further £25k for lights, plus lamp post and crossroad features for the town’s festive display. 

According to the town clerk, within half an hour of the lights being switched on in 2022, they blew and had to be repaired, requiring them to be left on 24 hours a day for several days.

As well as this, the crossroad feature at the bottom of Welshpool high Street also went with a bang in the night, which the council were unable to get repaired. 

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While the lights pass annual testing, the brittle bulb holders and dubious connections make them temperamental, with many irreplaceable bulbs out during their time in the town streets during the 2022 festive period. 

Welshpool Town Council are hoping to raise funds, obtain sponsorships from local businesses and individuals, as well as receive donations towards a new set of lights. 

The meeting will take place at 5.30pm.