A Newtown town centre shop has announced its final closure date after blaming a “huge” increase in energy costs for its decision to shut.

Magik Incorporated Resource Centre has told customers to pop into the shop to grab some last-minute bargains before it closes its doors for good on Tuesday, February 28.

Craft, hobby and art supplies, stationary, furniture, DVDs, books, glassware and household items are all included in the closing down sale which has offers ranging from buy one get one free to half price.

Customers said the shop will be a “huge loss” to the town with another vacant store, but their reasons for closing was “understandable in the current situation”.

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One customer said: “What a shame. Love that shop. You can’t not buy something when you go there. And the staff are brill.”

The shop, located next door to the former Barclays bank since April 2021, shocked customers after announcing in January that it would be closing.

In a statement posted on Facebook, Magik Incorporated Resource Centre said: "It is with great sadness that we announce the upcoming closure of our Resource Centre.


"There are various reasons for this decision, but one is the huge increase in energy costs.

"We are not funded in any way and rely solely on the good will of others and has therefore forced our hand in this decision.

"We would like to thank all of our customers that have supported us with donations and by purchasing items from us and the businesses that have also supported us, we are truly grateful to all of you and would like to thank the staff, past and present that have contributed to the success we have had.

"We hope we have made some impact with encouraging you to recycle, reuse and re-love.”

The closing down sale continues until the shop closes on Tuesday afternoon (February 28).