A disqualified driver has admitted absconding from police then later being found covered in mud in a field near Welshpool while 22 times the legal limit for cocaine.

Mark Miller, 26, drove away in his distinctive green Corsa in a "puff of smoke" after police tried to stop him on the B4388 between Leighton and Buttington on November 1 last year.

Appearing from HMP Berwyn, Miller said he was "really sorry for everything" after pleading guilty to five offences including driving whilst disqualified, without insurance and with cocaine in his system.

He must now serve four months on top of his current sentence which was due to end in May, and he is also banned from driving for 14 months.


Stephen Davies, prosecuting, told the court that a police officer mouthed 'stop' at Miller who was driving a distinctive green Corsa.

"The vehicle quickly turned around passing the police vehicle," Mr Davies said. "A puff of smoke was seen coming from the rear of the vehicle."

Officers located the vehicle in a field near Welshpool and found Miller nearby out of breath, red faced from running with mud on his clothing carrying keys for the Corsa. After a saliva test was positive for drugs, Miller was arrested and later interviewed where he gave no comment.

"The defendant was disqualified at the time and clearly had no insurance," Mr Davies said. "His previous convictions are not up to date, but he has quite a number of driving offences over the years."

Owain Jones, mitigating, said Miller had an "unenviable" antecedence record but he is remorseful.

County Times:

"He’s 24 years old and he has a young family. His partner is struggling with three young children. He knows he’s done wrong here and he is remorseful and knows the impact not only to the community but to his own family.

"The court has a letter confirming his grandmother is seriously ill and they are particularly close. His custody release date is in May and his grandmother has been told she has only got months or even weeks left to live. It’s upsetting for the defendant.

"He knows it is his own fault he is in custody and that he may not see her again. I press that he is given credit and he is remorseful."

Magistrates sentenced Miller to four months in prison for driving whilst disqualified which will be served consecutively to his current sentence.

A one-month prison sentence for the drug offences will run concurrently. Miller was given a driving ban for 14 months and his licence will be endorsed. There will be separate penalties for pleading guilty to driving without insurance and for failing to stop for police officer. He was ordered to pay £85 court costs and a £154 victim surcharge.

Dr Rachel Jones, chair, said: “These offences we considered to be very serious.

"There was a blatant breach of a court order and you deliberately evaded arrest by driving off. Furthermore you have a very long history of offending.”