A Newtown church has raised £2,000 for the town's foodbank which had given more parcels in September than any month since records began almost two decades ago.

Henly Lewis, 10 and Kennadii Lewis, five, along with Reverend Canon Nia Wyn Morris, Glynis Jones and Ann Passmore from All Saints and Llanllwchaiarn Church presented a cheque to Salvation Army territorial envoy Sam Jones.

"It's being part of what's happening in Newtown. Being attentive to local needs," said Reverend Nia.

"The job of the church is to stand at the door and ask 'where is the need and how are we going to cater for that need?'


The money was raised from the All Saints' Harvest Services collection which Reverend Nia said was "significantly" more than usual after people responded to the cost of living crisis.

"It's very important that we donate locally and this year preferably we gave money because we never know the need. They can buy what they want."

"I'm very linked up with Sam and we meet with the Newtown Network every week and that's where I hear where the need is.

"Where we encounter it is where we do the Sunday lunches so we know that they can't afford."

Reverend Nia added: "A huge thank you to Henly and Kennadii who took the basket around with a big smile and people gave more generously."