Royal Mail has unveiled its Christmas stamp collection which will feature the Queen's silhouette for the final time.

The festive stamps will centre around key moments from the Nativity with all six styles bearing the outline of the late Queen Elizabeth II who passed away in September.

The Queen's distinctive side profile, which was designed by Arnold Machin, depicts the beloved monarch facing left and wearing the Diamond Diadem.

Her instantly-recognisable profile has appeared on Christmas stamps since 1967, according to the Postal Museum.

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Royal Mail's reveals Christmas stamps to feature Queen's profile for final time

The colourful Christmas 2022 first and second-class stamp collections were designed by Kent-based artist Katie Ponder.

Royal Mail worked on the collection with The Reverend Lucy Winkett, Rector of St James’s Church in Piccadilly, central London.

Each stamp depicts a key image from the Nativity story, including the journey to Bethlehem and the Magi being guided by the star.

The stamps also bear a barcode in line with Royal Mail's new system which customers can scan via the Royal Mail app.

If you can scan the barcode, you will be treated to a heartwarming festive video of Shaun the Sheep, created by Aardman Studios.

Royal Mail policy director David Gold said: “Our Christmas stamp issue is always much anticipated, and it is one we particularly look forward to.

“The charming style of these designs sets the perfect tone for the festive season.”

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How early do I need to post my Royal Mail parcels for them to arrive by Christmas?

The announcement comes as the public is urged to post their Christmas cards early this year amid ongoing disputes and strikes with Royal Mail staff.

If you want your second-class stamped parcels to arrive by the big day, you will need to post these by December 19.

Meanwhile, for parcels using first-class stamps, they will need to be in the post by December 21.