Fast food giant McDonald's has for the first time in over five years, released limited edition Halloween buckets for Happy Meals across the USA.

The spooky-themed buckets feature three designs for customers to collect, the McBoo, McGoblin and the classic pumpkin design. 

Each bucket is brightly coloured and comes with stickers and activities for the customers to enjoy alongside their McDonald's meals. 

The popular retro buckets have been a huge hit across America, with many fans seeking to collect them all, seeing many Brits envious of the collectable items.

Although UK McDonald's have not had the exclusive buckets before, some are hoping they will make the trip over the pond in time for Halloween.

Can you get the McDonald's Halloween bucket happy meals in the UK?

Unfortunately, if you were hoping to get one of the sought-after Halloween buckets in the UK, it's sad news as the fast food chain will not be carrying over the promotion to the UK. 

Seeing UK fans share their disappointment on Twitter, with one user writing: "Why doesn’t the UK get the Happy Meal Boo Buckets?? Kids here go trick-or-treating.”

However, all hope is not lost just yet, as eager fans and McDonald's merchandise collectors can still get their hands on the buckets. 

Many of the Happy Meal buckets are now being sold online through eBay.

Prices vary, with some starting at £7 and others hoping to get nearly £20 for the Halloween-themed buckets. 

Many are even in near-perfect condition and include the original stickers.

Although they might not come with the McDonald's meal, they'll no doubt be a great addition to a fan's collection.