Striking Welshpool postal workers were given a delicious show of support from a local business.

Workers at the Welshpool branch were given discounted meat for a morning barbecue by local businessman, John Langford from The Welsh Sausage Company Ltd.

Striking worker Will Greenwood said the generosity came after a visit the day before.

“We went down there wearing the uniform and all that,” said Mr Greenwood. “He gave us very heavily discounted sausages burgers and chicken burgers.”

“He always beeps us in the morning, giving us a bit of support. He offered before we asked, it would be about 30 burgers, 30 chicken burgers and one big box of sausages – it’s been very pleasant having barbecue for breakfast.”

The Royal Mail Workers have continued in their industrial action after the Communication Workers Union (CWU) and the company have failed to come to an agreement.


Danny Edwards, Welshpool Delivery Representative for the CWU said today’s action was over working conditions: “They want to come along and tear up every agreement they’ve had with the union previous to this and start with a blank sheet of paper. They’re looking at Sunday working, forcing later start times and later finish times and annualised hours.

“Your hours are done over a 12-month period so obviously in the winter when they are busier, you’d be working silly days – working until you’re finished, nothing to do with working from 9-5.

“You start at whatever time and you work until you finish no matter the time. How do you have a family life like that?”

Mr Edwards said he is trying to make sure the company is still recognisable after he leaves: “I’ve been working for them for 36 years now and honestly I cannot believe it. We’re on strike trying to protect the ones coming after us, I haven’t got much longer to go, we want something left for the people after us.

“They’ve got to decide what they actually want. Are we a service that is working for the customer? Or are they just out to make as much money as possible and sell everything off?”

Royal Mail CEO Simon Thompson has come under fire for not turning up to negotiations and has been accused by the CWU of “dodging reality” whilst Royal Mail claim that the changes will be needed “to adapt to changing customer demands in a highly competitive market”.

The dispute is set to continue with rolling strikes across various departments of the Royal Mail likely to take place in the coming weeks.